The Perfect Topper

How to pick the perfect cake topper

When planning a wedding, almost always what is wanted is a beautiful ceremony and splendid ceremony. Most often forgot by the bridal party is the cake topper, most often they don't even realize until they are looking at the cake itself. This important accessory is the symbol of the bride and grooms union.

There are an immense number of choices, from the homemade to the store bought, to custom ordered. They are as far reaching as each cake. And with such symbolism behind them the choice can be daunting. Custom made toppers are best for theme weddings. For example you can have a hoola skirt clad couple for the Hawaiian themed wedding. The newest trend is animal themed toppers as they represent purity and nature.

The cake you choose is special and you can make it even more so by choosing a topper that represents your individual personality.

Cake toppers are a very central aspect of the cake itself and couples are getting more daring about their choices. Some going with humors and others very realistic. Though the final decision should go to the bride as it is her special day to be queen. One thought is for the couple to make the topper represent their hobbies. Another unique idea is incorporating the honeymoon destination into the topper.

While choosing your wedding accessories you must not forget the topper and take care for it to represent you. Once you finally make the decision you will know that it is individual to you and your to-be. The cake becomes special once you choose the topper that goes on it.

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