Picking the Right Cake Shape

It all starts, usually, with a man on one knee and a little felt jewelry box. It is at this moment, as he asks the question, “Will you marry me?” that his whole world is about to change. And it isn't because of why he thinks. Most men don't realize that they have just signed themselves up for one of life's most grueling adventures: wedding planning. Now mind you, most wedding planning has already begun in the mind of the bride-to-be, however, now it all gets to be put into action.

One of the most important parts off wedding planning, aside from the dress, is the wedding cake. There will be tastings, to determine flavor of the cake. Catalogs, bakers portfolios and Pinterest boards to determine how it will be decorated. Then comes determining the flavor and type of icing. And above all, the thing that is the base of the cake design, cake shape.

Before determining a cake shape, it is important to know what your options are, and how they can affect the other decisions you make for your cake appearance. Below I've broken down for you the five most popular wedding cake shapes and what they could provide for your wedding theme. First you have your round wedding cake. Elegant and simple, it provides as one of the most popular and versatile bases for a wedding cake. With a round cake, your options to play with fondant and different textures in your design are endless.

Secondly, and the most popular choice for modern day brides, is the square wedding cake. It allows the same simplicity of a round cake, but dares to be different. It also has other options with decoration such as rounded or sharp corners. It provides a “cleaner” appearance with each tier change, set almost like a stage. Another option for wedding cake shape is the petal or “scalloped” shape. As implied by its name, this cake depicts a flower shape. When picking a cake of this shape, it is recommended to not over decorate. Allow the shape of the cake to speak for itself.

Next is your hexagonal cake. This cake, much like the petal cake, doesn't need to be heavily garnished with decorations to be appealing. Maybe some simple beading along the edges to accentuate the cakes unique shape, but allow this cake to speak for itself to your wedding guests. Lastly we have the topsy-turvy cake. This cake is more geared towards an nontraditional wedding. It's fun with it's inclines and uniquely shaped tiers. It is definitely bound to be your center piece and conversation starter at your reception.

Now that you know your options, how do you choose? It all depends on how heavily you want your cake decorated and the overall style of your wedding. Another thing to keep in mind, is your budget. Cakes are priced by slice, and the shape of your cake, will effect your baker's pricing.

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Tips & Techniques

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