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Batter: A semi liquid mixture that contains flour or other starch, used for the production of such products as cakes and breads and fjor coating products to be deep fried.

Barley Flour : Barley flour has a sweet taste and it gives cakes, quick breads, and cookies moisture and a light texture. It is milled from hulled barley and it is low in gluten

Beat: The ingredients are moved vigorously in a back and forth, up and down, and in a circular motion until they are smooth. An electric mixer is often used to beat the ingredients together.

Blend: Ingredients are mixed so thoroughly they become one with a spoon or whisk or an appliance such as a blender, mixer, or processor.

Caramelization: The browning of sugars caused by heat.

Chop: To cut into small pieces using a sharp knife, appliance or scissors.

Cool: Bring to room temperature.

Creaming: The process of beating fat and sugar together to blend them uniformly and to incorporate air.

Crimp: To seal the edges of two layers of dough with the tines of a fork or your fingers

Docking: Piercing or perforating pastry dough before baking in order to allow steam to escape and to avoid blistering.

Emulsion: A uniform mixture of two or more unmixable substances.

Foaming: The process of whipping eggs, with or without sugar, to incorporate air.

Gelatinization: The process by which starch granules absorb water and swell in size.

Grind: To produce small particles of food by forcing food through a grinder.

Knead: To fold, push and turn dough or other mixture to produce a smooth, elastic texture.

Proof: To allow yeast dough to rise before baking. Or to dissolve yeast in a warm liquid and set it in a warm place for 5 to 10 minutes until it expands and becomes bubbly.

Stir: To use a spoon to mix ingredients with a spoon using a figure-eight or circular motion.

Toss: To mix lightly with a lifting motion, using two forks or spoons.

Whip or Whisk: Air is incorporated into such foods as whipping cream and egg whites through very vigorous mixing, usually with an electric mixer or whisk.

Yield: Tthe amount of a baked good that results from the combination of a given amount of different baking ingredients.

Zest: The colored outer peel of citrus fruit, which is used to add flavor. The term zest often referred to as "grated peel" in recipes. To create zest, choose the diagonal hole side of a box grater (it will zest more cleanly) and rub lightly to avoid getting the white pith which is bitter.



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Tips & Techniques

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