Creating a Heart Shaped Valentine cake


1. 2 baking pans, a 9” round and a 9” square pan.
2. Spatula
3. Icing
4. Topping of choice

Start by baking a 9” round and a 9” square cake. In the heart of Valentine’s Day I have decided to use strawberry cake to give it that lovely pink color.

Next you will want to cut the 9” round in half. Take care in measuring and cutting to ensure both halves are the same size.

Turn the square cake so it looks like a diamond and put the 2 halves of the round cake on the upper left and right sides of the diamond.

Apply a generous amount of icing between the cakes to hold them in place, then gently push the pieces together to create a heart shape.

When thoroughly cooled, proceed to ice the rest of the cake.

The fully iced cake is ready for decoration with the topping of your choice.

You can use any topping or design it however you like. We used strawberries for our Valentine’s Day theme, by simply removing the top of the strawberries, halving them, and placing them as a lovely border.


Tips & Technique

Tips & Techniques

  1. Freezing the Top Tier
  2. Measurements
  3. Substitutions
  4. Mixing
  5. Baking Terms


  1. Perfect Topper
  2. Anniversary Customs
  3. Picking Cake Shapes
  4. What is Fondant
  5. C is for Cake
  6. Heart Shaped Valentines Cake

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